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Tracking Gov Tech Investors by Type

The gov tech investment market lists in one certain direction: early-stage.

by / April 3, 2017
Dustin Haisler/e.Republic

There may only be a handful of investment firms solely focused on the gov tech market space, but there are plenty of firms that have a hand in it.

In fact, e.Republic* Chief Innovation Officer Dustin Haisler has been tracking 414 companies that have invested in gov tech businesses. Among those, there is a notable emphasis on early stage startup investment — 151 are angels, more than any other single grouping. There are also 27 micro venture capital groups and 16 accelerators on the list.

Later-stage backers such as private equity groups and investment banks made up much smaller pieces of the list. There were nine of the former and three of the later, together making up just 3 percent of the list.

Editor’s notes: e.Republic is Government Technology’s parent corporation. The remaining 53 investors not accounted for in the sum total of this graphic’s sub-categories are miscellaneous outlier investors that did not fit into any of the categories represented.

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