Transit Mobile App Integrates Bytemark Fare Payment

The integration offers an expansion opportunity for the Transit app into more agencies, as well as interoperability between systems using other fare payment solutions — part of a broader industry trend.

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Transit, an app that helps people plan trips across cities using multimodal options such as transit and scooters and bikeshare, has added a new fare payment option.

The app has integrated with Bytemark, a company affiliated with Siemens. Transit has offered fare payment — achieved through partnerships with Masabi and Token Transit — since 2019, according to a spokesperson.

But the Bytemark integration will mean expansion and interoperability.

“Our new partnership with Bytemark is particularly exciting because it means agencies who already have a Bytemark system, or who are thinking about investing in one, can now easily launch in Transit,” wrote Shanti Gonzales, partner communications manager for Transit, in an email. “Even better: the fare payment UI is seamless across agencies, regardless of the back-end payment provider. So if a user has a Transit account and has been buying tickets in a Masabi market, and then travels to a city with Bytemark payment, it’ll be the same experience, no additional login required.”

Trip planning is one thing, but fare payment gives users the ability to do everything they need to prepare for a trip in one place. The industry-wide trend in transit is toward offering users such experiences where many systems work together.

“Bringing Bytemark’s fare payment solution into Transit will make life easier for riders and transit agencies alike,” said Transit Chief Business Officer David Block-Schachter in a press release. “Passengers already rely on Transit for trip planning, real-time tracking, step-by-step navigation, and more. By adding Bytemark fare payment to the app, passengers get a true Mobility-as-a-Service experience, with everything they need in one place — and agencies can rest easy knowing they have world-class partners on their team.”

Bytemark produces tickets that can be both visually inspected or scanned with hardware. According to the company’s website, it is integrated with six fare payment hardware companies’ solutions.

Transit works with agencies in more than 200 cities across the world.
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