Citizens in El Monte, Calif., will be taking advantage of digital signage that reveals the availability of roughly 400 parking spots in the city. The system also includes an app that can help residents plan their travel.
The proposed RiverRail system, still in its conceptual stage, would include approximately six miles of track running from Notre Dame into downtown South Bend. The tracks would be built on the street to run alongside regular traffic.
President Joe Biden plans to visit Ford Motor Co. in Michigan next week — just one day before the automaker’s Wednesday night launch of the electric version of the company’s F-150 pickup truck.
The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is using dashcam footage gathered from ride-hailing drivers to gain added insights into the status of the hundreds of highway work zones in the Las Vegas region.
Electrifying rail lines in New Jersey would cost billions, so NJ Transit hopes to find a cost-saver in battery-operated trains. If successful, these trains would not only save money but also address environmental concerns.
How states choose to regulate insurance and liability for self-driving cars may impact how quickly consumers adopt them, but many questions remain around how and when to set these new policies.
The integration offers an expansion opportunity for the Transit app into more agencies, as well as interoperability between systems using other fare payment solutions — part of a broader industry trend.
President Biden has promised to roll out half-a-million public charging stations nationwide at the cost of at least $15 billion in federal investment, and lawmakers say a new bill is what's needed to make that happen.
Pittsburg, Calif., has hopped aboard a preliminary plan calling for a transit system that uses driverless electric cars to shuttle passengers to and from bus and Amtrak stations in East Contra Costa County.
Since 2016, leaders in the town of Cohasset have been implementing electric vehicles and the supporting infrastructure wherever they can. The recent addition of six new charging stations brings the total up to 18.