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Payroll Software Problems Persist for Clovis, N.M.

The switch to a new payroll software has been a challenge for the city since July. Files from the old system are not compatible with the new one, and IT staff are working to find an alternative solution.

by Eastern New Mexico News / September 9, 2019

(TNS) — The city of Clovis is continuing to work out kinks with its new payroll software, first discovered in July. City Manager Justin Howalt said Friday that issues are limited to public safety employees.

The city implemented new software to begin the fiscal year, and numerous employees saw delays in their direct deposits over the July 4 weekend.

There are a few remaining issues with pay stubs having incorrect information on pay and benefits, Howalt said. All city employees are paid through direct deposit.

While the city has moved to Executime software, Howalt said the Clovis fire and police departments are still using CCS as their scheduling software. The data files CCS exports are not compatible with Executime, so administrative assistants are having to manipulate those files into Executime-compatible files before they go to the finance department.

"What the crux of the problem has been is the importing and the exporting," Howalt said. "We've found a temporary fix for it working with our Executime software engineers, and now we're working with CCS on a more permanent solution."

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