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Year in Review 2022: Post-COVID, Gov Tech Stays Agile

Our annual look back at the headline-grabbing news events of the past 12 months tells the story of government IT shops taking stock of lessons learned from weathering the pandemic and turning toward what's next.

Post pandemic?

It’s not gone, but it’s no longer the top story. But lessons from COVID-19 and its aftermath are visible across the government technology landscape. Government had to be more flexible about where and how work is done, and there’s no going back. And the shift to remote has had tangible consequences on the work of IT. Attack surfaces have changed and cybersecurity strategies have evolved along with them. Modernization moved from a longer-term goal to a more immediate imperative as vulnerabilities of older systems were exposed. And digital inequities are now being confronted not as fringe pet projects but as central policy priorities. In the stories below, we summarize the major news events of 2022 as covered by GT.

September/October/November: Global Cyber Threats, Midterm Elections

Plus, check out our 2022 glossary of gov tech terms that were new or gained ground this year.