State Government

Last week, the Texas Department of Information Resources announced the relaunch of the state’s official website, The new design offers scalability for periods of high demand and a user-friendly layout.
Device owners statewide are encouraged to download an app that warns them about malicious links and apps and vulnerable Wi-Fi connections. User privacy has been a core tenet for the app’s design.
A Texas bill proposes creating a volunteer cyber incident response team. Other states have tried their own efforts to harness volunteer talent, discovering strong practices and pitfalls along the way.
In a bill recently sent to Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, state lawmakers have proposed increasing the state’s cybersecurity by creating a dedicated council and better defining the role of the Office of Information Technology.
Following the departure of Ohio's former CIO Ervan Rodgers earlier this month, Deputy CIO Katrina Flory has been named as Rodger’s permanent replacement. She served in the deputy CIO position since 2011.
The country's longest-serving state IT leader, Chief Information Officer Calvin Rhodes announced he was leaving his post at the end of June after a decade heading the Georgia Technology Authority.
A data privacy bill was approved by the Colorado Legislature yesterday. If Gov. Jared Polis signs the bill, Colorado would follow in the footsteps of a number of states, including California and Virginia.
Jobless residents using the state's unemployment portal to claim their benefits are running into problems with the website. Hundreds reported system glitches while trying to certify on Sunday.
Now that the dust is settling after the rush to pivot to remote work for as many public-sector staff as possible, tech leaders look at what a hybrid workforce future may hold for state and local government.

The number of Coloradans who lack access to a home broadband is likely several-fold higher than what either the FCC or the Colorado Broadband Office are measuring, according to a new study from BroadbandNow.