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Managing Cyber Risks Initiative

Understanding how to minimize risk and increase cyber resilience

The Modesto Police Department's IT network may have been the victim of a cyber attack three days before the city discovered the security breach, although officials say there is no longer any active threat.
Citing a lack of communication, union officials say they are now considering lawsuits to secure more extensive credit protections for the thousands of workers whose personal information was stolen last month and posted on the dark web.
Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird said there is potential for nefarious actors to use artificial intelligence to fool their victims, pointing to several recent examples of the technology being misused.
As states ready plans for year one of the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program and look ahead to year two’s NOFO, local governments should advocate for what they want. High on those lists: MFA, threat monitoring and cyber training.
Thousands of county computers sold at auction could have exposed the personal information still on the devices. Officials say they are working to understand the scope of the incident.
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After briefly stirring into life as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, companies and entire economies are again stepping on the brakes as they brace for yet another “current situation.”
Since the cybersecurity sector first emerged, network defenders have been locked in a perpetual arms race with their adversaries. This translates into a continuous quest for more security solutions.
State and local government (SLG) organizations are null that impact and disrupt citizen services.