Distinguished School Sees Payoff from Tech Investment

The Roy B. Kelley school has been recognized as a 'Distinguished School' largely in part to their commitment to adopting technology into the classroom.

by Kaley Lynch, Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, N.Y. / October 23, 2015

(TNS) -- Students at Roy B. Kelley Elementary School are receiving a high-tech education.

On Thursday, the school hosted 60 educators from 14 school districts around the site and from Arizona to showcase the digital learning and technology use which Roy B. Kelley has been incorporating into its curriculum.

“The educators are here to see how students are integrating technology into a variety of programs,” Lockport Superintendent Michelle Bradley said Thursday.

Roy B. Kelley embarked on a 1:1 iPad initiative five years ago, putting iPads into the hands of students for classroom use. The school also has a Digital Learning Lab, where technology assistant Claudia Carnes demonstrated how students use iPads for in-class assignments for the visiting educators Thursday.

“He can submit the assignment when he’s finished, and if I’m not happy with his work, I can re-assign it to him,” Carnes explained as a student volunteer listened to assignment instructions on headphones and worked at the answer on the iPad.

Roy B. Kelley has been recognized as a “Distinguished School” by Apple every school year since 2012-13.

“The kids love using technology in class,” Marianne Currie-Hall, Roy B. Kelley principal, said. “They pick it up so quickly.”

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