19 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

We are just getting started with this cybersecurity thing.

by Eric Holdeman / January 3, 2019

If I could wave my magic wand and make one issue go away permanently, cybersecurity might be right up there at the top, right behind climate change. Guess what — it is not going away!

See The Top 19 Security Predictions for 2019.

One quote from the extensive list of sources shows it is not just government that is trying to "collaborate:" “Greater collaboration among cybercriminals exploiting the underground market, which has allowed them to develop efficiencies in their products. Cybercriminals have been partnering in this way for years; in 2019 this market economy will only expand. The game of cat and mouse the security industry plays with ransomware developers will escalate, and the industry will need to respond more quickly and effectively than ever before. …”

If utilities have their systems all "locked down" why would there be this prediction about a threat? "Utilities and Industrial Control Systems [SCADA] Targeted with Ransomware (heard this from others)."

I recommend you read the entire article. Buried in there was this quote which I really liked, by Morey Haber the Forcepoint CTO: “There are three jobs in this world where you can be completely wrong all the time and still not have to worry about being fired. One is a parent. Another is a weatherperson. And the last one is a technology trends forecaster.”