A Profile of the Recovery Diva

Who is Claire Rubin and why should I respect her opinions?

by Eric Holdeman / May 10, 2019

Readers of this blog will note that I often cite Claire Rubin, "Senior Resarcher," for the items that she finds on the Web and shares with others, including me. Claire and I first met at a Natural Hazards Workshop in Boulder, Colo., back in about 2000. Since then, we have stayed in touch as fellow bloggers. I certainly credit her for much more information than I separately find via what pops up on my various feeds.

Her university recently did a profile on her and her professional life, see Disaster Diva.

As you read her professional journey, note that she was true pioneer in our field and paved the way for many of us, but especially women who now work in the research and emergency management fields of endeavor.

Personally, I look forward to many more blog posts coming my way from the Diva!

What will be your legacy? What will people say or write about you and your accomplishments?

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