AI to the Rescue for First Responders

Not ready for prime time, but getting closer.

by Eric Holdeman / January 2, 2020

I just had a conversation with a technology developer yesterday. It was not about the system and topic below, but I had a question that relates to all technology. It  is great to talk about a new technology, but when will it "really" be fielded? How soon is "soon?" Sometimes I think they are stringing us along on when we'll be able to operationally implement a technology.

Which brings me to this case study, AUDREY Watches Out for First Responders.

They have been using this technology in the Alien movies for 30 years, but then — that is set in the future. For today, I'm betting the vast majority of fire incident command posts have a physical board with tags on it that shows the number/names of staff onsite and where they are in relation to an event, e.g., in the building, support, staging, etc. 

We have communication headsets being implemented, health monitoring tools being installed in turn-out gear, body cameras, and of course drones being deployed on-scene. You can quickly be overwhelmed with information from multiple sources, so having a system that integrates all the technology for you and displays the status and alerts you to issues sounds wonderful — if it works. 

The future fire and police command posts will likely need a position called "technologist" that might be incorporated into incident command structure in either planning or operations. 

Marty Pastula shared the link to AUDREY above.

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