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An Even Worse Disaster Sin by a Leader

Come back when there is a disaster, and don't leave to begin with.

by Eric Holdeman / December 23, 2019

Some lessons get repeated again and again. There are many in this article, Scott Morrison's Hawaii horror show: how a PR disaster unfolded.

It is apparent to me that every elected leader has to learn this lesson personally. They don't study disasters and their advisers either don't recognize the issue or are afraid to say anything. Usually the issue is that a disaster happens to a country or jurisdiction and the elected official is away on vacation or at some conference — and they don't return immediately. Always a bad choice.

In this case, the Australian prime minister left the country during a firestorm disaster and heatwave in the country. To compound the issue, those in charge of public relations for him were not forthcoming as to where he was.

Duh! I guess this behavior will be repeated again and again in the future. 

All of the above also applies to emergency management directors. I suppose that you are away on your honeymoon (?), that could give one pause on making the right decision. But, if your spouse understood who they were marrying — get used to it! Disasters happen over the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and funerals. Certainly if it is your own funeral — you have a very good excuse!

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