CDC's Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith for COVID-19

Three weeks from this past weekend will be a marker for the disease.

by Eric Holdeman / May 26, 2020

Rick Warren, pastor and author of the book, A Purpose Driven Life, early in the pandemic said, "God gave you a brain." In situations like we are in today with the president "ordering" churches to be open -- that quote might be a good fit.

Finally, we have the CDC's Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith.

It is a practical application of many of the protective measures we've come to expect and then applied to the situations that churches face with collection plates, singing, sharing facilities, etc. 

I note that they do say "interim" in the title. But wait ... there is more!

Experience has shown that infected persons in a church worship setting can be super spreaders  Let's see what the infection rate is three weeks from this past weekend, and then hospitalizations another two weeks after that. 

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