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China: Pandemic Delayed

Their failed strategy has been exposed.

There were a vast array of strategies employed to counter the COVID Pandemic. Masks, vaccine development, isolation, quarantine, and lock downs.

China settled on lock downs, and I mean "lock downs" with people being forced to stay in their apartments and buildings. Entire cities were locked down.

This strategy did work, until it didn't. People being people, even Chinese people who are typically very subservient to their government had enough, and started fighting back against these lock downs.

Amazingly to me—the Chinese government backed down and have loosened the constrictions and thus the COVID virus is thriving in China right now, with big jumps in cases, hospitalizations, etc.

The USA just yesterday announced it will be imposing a requirement for all people arriving from China to be tested/have a proof of a negative test.

Who knows what the next few weeks will bring, both here in the United States and back in China. As I've said before, we may want to be done with the virus, but likely the virus is not done with us.

On another totally separate note. Remember the triple pandemic. COVID, flu and the RSV virus. Well, I just got an email yesterday from an Army and emergency management buddy. He spent two months in the hospital with RSV and it was touch and go for him.

If you have not been boosted, get the latest vaccine. Get the flu vaccine. Wear a mask when in public indoor spaces and protect the older people in your life as you celebrate the New Year.

Who would have thought I'd be writing about the pandemic at this point three years later!!!