Climate Crisis vs. Climate Change

Time to ratchet up the terminology to crisis.

by Eric Holdeman / September 26, 2019

Climate change has been the accepted terminology when talking about the warming planet — called Earth. 

See this NPR story that speaks to the most recent U.N. Report on the pace of the heat rising, especially some instances in our oceans, Earth's Oceans Are Getting Hotter And Higher, And It's Accelerating.

I know that in all things disaster, we seem, here in the U.S., unable to act until we have a crisis on our hands. For instance, our financial and national debt crisis seems to be a long way off — so it is not being addressed. The same thinking about timing, "Hey, sea rise won't be that bad in my lifetime!" dominates why we are too busy making money to be concerned with what people are calling an existential crisis when speaking to the risks brought on by climate change.

In the future, when speaking and writing about climate change, I'm going to start using the term "climate crisis" to describe the impacts that are here today, not 30-70 years from now. 

It is a crisis folks, and the time to act is now!

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