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COVID-19: Local Government's Next Normal Survey

Some interesting results from a survey.

by Eric Holdeman / September 10, 2020

See the results of a recent Engaging Local Government Leaders survey for what comes next for local governments, Local Government's Next Normal Survey.

Linked above is the full report, and here are some highlights:

  • Top priorities for local governments in the next 12 months: community engagement (45%), public health (44%), small business support (39%). 
  • Areas being de-emphasized because of the pandemic: climate change (4%), traffic & congestion (6%), and homelessness (18%). 
  • 70% of respondents in larger communities say that planned retirements are being put on hold. 
  • 95% of respondents shared that their local government used software to maintain service levels during the pandemic. 
  • 76% said their cities will adopt more software to streamline public services moving forward. 
  • Respondents expect projects that move forward in the next 12 months will be focused on enabling work from home and flexible schedules, online revenue capture and payment, and community engagement and communications. 





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