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COVID-19: Over 4,100 Dead on Thursday

The Christmas surge is here!

by Eric Holdeman / January 10, 2021

(Friday, January 8)

Another day, another number of record deaths in the United States. 

While many have been distracted by the political chaos and fallout from the January 6th riot and insurrection at the Capital, the coronavirus cases keep climbing upward. This is an outcome of the Christmas holiday travel and family get togethers that generated this significant uptick in sickness and deaths. 

It can feel like everything is "out of control" and there is little stability in the land. Our social fabric is torn and certainly the "land of opportunity" does not seem to be what it once was. 

Two items announced today that are new on the COVID front:

  • They may have now identified an "American version" of the enhanced virus that is much more transmittable. I still think a call for a national lockdown is not out of the question if these new more transmittable viruses 'take off' in our communities.
  • President Elect Biden is calling for the maximum number of vaccines to be distributed and vaccinations to be given to stem this new onslaught of the virus.

Lacking a national strategy, funding and execution by the states, I don't seen getting the vaccines shipped as the biggest issue. You need to have mass vaccination programs in place across the nation. Until that happens we will remain behind the curve that is trending upward significantly in new cases. 

This is an example of an emergency management agency getting involved, Los Alamos County Emergency Management Office Calls For Volunteers To Assist With COVID Testing Beginning Jan. 19

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