Democratic Debates and Disasters

Perhaps this is progress.

by Eric Holdeman / August 1, 2019

I have always watched presidential debates. Last night was the first time in memory that the topics of interest to emergency management crossed the threshold of a debate.

Disasters came up twice. Both in reference to and on the broader topic of climate change. Sorry, I can't recall who said what, but it was two different candidates. The two references were:

1. The connection between climate and the destructive nature of disasters that we are seeing now as a result of climate change.

2. It was mentioned that it is the poor who suffer most from disasters.

Is this a breakthrough of any sort? Talking about disasters and really doing something about them are two different things. However, here-to-date, nothing has ever been said about disasters in my memory going back through Clinton's election and debates.  

I do think that the frequency, size and price of climate and other disasters will make this more of a recurring topic going forward in future election cycles.  

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