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Disaster Zone Podcast: ‘Adapting MS Teams for Crisis Information Management’

Many of you already have the software.

So much time and effort has gone into trying to select the right software to use in an emergency operations center (EOC) and then attempting to train everyone on how to use that software.

If your organization already has and uses Microsoft Teams and Esri mapping software, you might just have what you need to become more effective and efficient in running an EOC activation.

Check out this most recent Disaster Zone podcast: “Adapting MS Teams for Crisis Information Management.”

Here’s the description of the podcast:

“One of the innovations coming out of the response to the COVID pandemic is the use of Microsoft Teams as a platform for managing a remote response to the event. MS Teams can combine with the power of Esri ArcGIS to provide the mapping function which was a winning combination for some jurisdictions and companies. Chris McIntosh, CEO and co-founder Bent Ear Solutions, is my guest, along with Carrie Tropasso, director of technology for Bent Ear Solutions, and Sheena Connelly with emergency management preparedness and logistics for EverSource Energy. Together in this podcast we explore the advantages of using technologies already being used within an organization to optimize their ability to manage disaster response and recovery. I was impressed with the ability of the software to capture all the documentation that is needed.”
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.