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Disaster Zone Podcast: Climate Impacts and Solutions for Local Government

Everyone has a role and it starts with climate adaptation by cities and counties.

The current Disaster Zone podcast is “Climate Impacts and Solutions for Local Government.”

COVID-19 is the disaster of the moment that, appropriately, has everyone’s attention. However, the slow onset of climate change is something that is and will impact everyone on the planet. See the description below for the above podcast. We continue to exacerbate our situation with poor zoning practices and by building where we should not be permitting people to live due to the increasing impacts of natural hazards.

“We are seeing climate impacts across the world and here in the United States. In this podcast we look more deeply at those impacts and how people and governments are reacting. Anna Marandi, Program Manager of Climate Resilience and Sustainability with the National League of Cities is the guest. The changing climate is impacting where people choose to live and work. Actual climate migration is factoring into decisions being made as people leave disaster prone areas for other states—perhaps, not investigating what the disaster and climate risks are in those places. Cities have opportunities to leverage federal funding to improve their disaster resilience, all the while some continue to be driven by the need for continued growth to allow new construction where it puts property and people in harm’s way.”
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.