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Disaster Zone Podcast: ‘Detecting and Countering Drones’

Not all drones are friendly.

Usually I talk about all the positive uses of drones that can be employed by emergency managers and first responder agencies. In this Disaster Zone podcast episode I take a different tack in looking at how drones are not always friendly and how you can detect and counter them: “Detecting and Countering Drones.”

Here’s the podcast description:

“Typically, the Disaster Zone podcast has had guests and topics about the positive uses of drone technology and how it can be used to advance the capabilities of first responder agencies, emergency managers and others like search and rescue groups. In this podcast we turn to look at the challenges of preventing either accidental and deliberate uses of drones that can harm operations or people.

The guest for this podcast is Leo McCloskey who leads brand and marketing efforts for Echodyne Leo is a frequent speaker on topics of technology and security, and has represented the company in the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s BVLOS and Counter-UAS Advanced Rulemaking Committees.

Prior to joining Echodyne, he built and led marketing and product marketing teams in the US and Europe for a broad range of companies, from technology startups to established brands, with an emphasis in carrier and large enterprise service delivery architectures. We look at different technologies for detecting drones and explore more directly the role that radars can play in detection and then combining those efforts with other counter drone systems.”
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.