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Disaster Zone Podcast: Everyone Is in Sales

We are all selling something — products, services, ideas!

by Eric Holdeman / February 23, 2021

See the latest Disaster Zone podcast: "Everyone is in Sales."

The podcast description is here:

"No matter who you are and what you do, there is an element of salesmanship to how you interact with other people and organizations. This podcast is an interview with Jeff Kirchick, author of the book Authentic Selling, How to use the Principles of Sales in Everyday Life. In this podcast we discuss what it takes to be authentic and how incorporating listening and being empathetic can help you interact more effectively with others."

I'm always trying to sell people on ideas: 

  • Why using social media for situational awareness would be a good thing
  • How drones could be used for any number of tasks — again, to gain situational awareness
  • Better to mitigate now and not wait for things to fall down and hurt someone
  • Disaster preparedness is like a "comfort food" when disaster strikes
  • The cheapest way is not always the best
  • Redundancy is not duplication
  • Etc.
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