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Disaster Zone Podcast: ‘Plans Vs. Play Books’

Is it time to re-evaluate your planning process?

One of the common tasks that emergency managers engage in is disaster planning. In this Disaster Zone podcast, “Plans Vs. Play Books,” you get a chance to evaluate an alternative to what you have been doing.

Be sure to also read Brad Milliken’s article, linked in the podcast description below:

“Planning is one of the major tasks that all emergency managers undertake. We have all manner of plans that need to be written, from general all-hazard plans to those that encompass special hazards like dams, pandemics, HAZMAT, school shootings, and on and on. In this podcast we hear from Brad Milliken who’s day-job is serving as an Emergency Management Specialist at the White House Operations Center. He lays out a case for doing planning differently. In addition to the podcast, you can read his article on the same topic in Emergency Management magazine, Ditch the Plan and Write a Playbook.”
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