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Dreading the Start of School

This time it is not the students!

I remember the August doldrums when the summer dragged on, but I did not want it to end because it meant that school was going to be back in session.

In 2021, however, it isn’t the students ruminating about being back in school, but everyone else, from school administrators to teachers. The 2020-2021 school year was not that great with mostly online remote learning (should learning have occurred) leading the educational efforts.

Now, school boards, school superintendents, principals, teachers and administrative staff are the ones dreading the start of the in-person school year. I do expect that all schools will seek to have in-person learning. What might change that is when children are in a classroom where another classmate tests positive for the coronavirus, then the entire class is put in quarantine at home.

The first battleground will be all about the wearing of masks in the classroom and social distancing on the playground during recess. Then, I expect by around October the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will have completed its research on the use of vaccines for children age 12 and under.

Will vaccinations be required for children to attend school? Given that the authorization will be an “emergency use” one, I expect that a mandatory vaccination will not be a requirement in most situations.

School board meetings are sure to be flash points as parents attack school administrators over the procedures that have been put in place to try and keep everyone safe and healthy. It is what it is!
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