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DZTV: Wildfires in Western Washington

It was a close call here on the west side of the mountains.

by Eric Holdeman / October 11, 2020

See this Disaster Zone TV interview "Western Washington Wildfires" that I did with Fire Chief Bud Backer of East Pierce Fire and Rescue.

This was a dicey fire that could have really blown up with hundreds of homes burning. For a longer version of this interview, see the Disaster Zone Podcast "Dangerous Western Washington Wildfires."

Sometimes things just go your way. Chief Backer relayed the fact that one subdivision that was threatened and had homes burned looked like more were going to burn, but just like in a movie, a fire truck and crew arrived in the nick of time to save the day (houses). This happened several times during that fire.

One last note is that most people don't think that there is a wildland fire danger here in Western Washington. See my Seattle Times op-ed on that topic from 2017.

Yes, I just checked the rain gage. We have had 2 inches of rain over the weekend. 


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