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Emergency Managers Come Out of COVID and Into Other Disasters

There is no rest for the weary.

One of my observations is that emergency managers in general were dog-tired from responding to the COVID-19 pandemic for months on end. Certainly public health professionals also can be lumped into that pile of people who put forth extraordinary efforts over a long period of time.

Now, while the pandemic is still bubbling along, other disasters are taking center stage throughout the nation:

  • Hurricane Season
  • Wildfires
  • Drought
  • Heat Emergencies
  • Flooding
  • Storms and Wind Damage

All of the above is taking its toll on staff and operations. I guess it shows the importance of what you do to protect people, property and the environment.

Oh, and remember — the pandemic is not over!
Eric Holdeman is a nationally known emergency manager. He has worked in emergency management at the federal, state and local government levels. Today he serves as the Director, Center for Regional Disaster Resilience (CRDR), which is part of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER). The focus for his work there is engaging the public and private sectors to work collaboratively on issues of common interest, regionally and cross jurisdictionally.
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