Ethics, Competency and Self-Interest

Which is more important to you?

by Eric Holdeman / June 30, 2019

Governing magazine covers state and local governments. I've found them to be well balanced in their coverage of issues that impact these governments. It was interesting to see their July issue with the featured magazine cover and article being Trump's Counties.

It is well worth your reading to get a perspective from jurisdictions and policies that are impacting many county level governments that they find favorable to their interests. Just Friday night I had a poor experience with customer service when it came to dinning out for pizza. The highlight of the article for me was the focus and attention being paid to counties that many times have been ignored in the past--good customer service. The "invisible" level of government that I once served at is having some attention paid to them.  This is especially true of rural counties that often don't carry much weight in Washington D.C. when they go looking for answers or help.

All the above made me think about the title of this blog post. Ethics, Competency and Self-interest. Which of those are of most interest to you? Clearly the people who are having attention paid to them find it refreshing and an example for why they should support President Trump. In at least one point it is called out that people may like his policies, but not the tweeting. 

For me, what I observe is people ignoring the personal ethics and character of the current president, not to mention his lack of "personal competency" and being supportive due to self-interest. If they are getting what they like and want, then they ignore the aforementioned issues, or in some cases give credit for actions and policies that have little to do with the competency of the leader.

The pattern for all elected officials is that when things are going well, they get the credit and when things go poorly, war or the economy, they get the blame. It has been a rosy 2.5 years, so the ethics and personal competency have not been as glaring to some.

There is one other interesting item I was not aware of that is brought out by the article. The 2017 Trump Tax Cut package eliminated deductions for personal losses from wildfires and earthquakes--twin calamities in California--but maintained the tax break for victims of hurricanes in the predominantly Republican southeast.  I'm told that one American value that is not universally found in other nations is the sense of fairness that people expect. The above doesn't seem very "fair" to me. 

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