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Four Years Later -- How Does Emergency Management Stand as a Profession?

There is a good listing of responsibilities and programs.

by Eric Holdeman / June 21, 2020

I found this recently on the Web and thought it was a good list of programs and areas that are important to the emergency management profession. See Emergency Management: The State of Preparedness. Here's the hitch -- it is from 2016.

The above assessment and listing came near the end of one presidential administration and the beginning of another. So where are we today? Most of what is listed remains relevant to us today. I don't have a good picture of the national landscape, so you will have to make your own local and regional assessment. There were certainly crunch points in the last four years with three major hurricanes coming in the same single season. Those events forced a reassessment of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) capabilities and a recognition that "Whole of Community" meant that state and local emergency management programs had to step up and assume more of the responsibilities for their communities. 

While public health is mentioned in the list of capabilities and relationships to have in place, the word "pandemic" is not listed. Today, few would make that omission. Election security is part of cybersecurity, but now it is a critical infrastructure all its own. I'm sure you can find other examples of how four years of disasters and leadership has changed things. 

The reality is that we are living in a dynamic time of history, politics and emergency management. Nothing will stay static for long!


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