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Guidance for Reopening Places of Worship

This is applicable to any religious setting, church, synagogue or mosque.

by Eric Holdeman / May 19, 2020

Across the United States, the resumption of activities is beginning. It is a state-by-state decision on what, when, and in some cases, how to reopen.

One of our cultural touch points for corporate gathering is in local churches. While the links I'm providing below call out churches, the guidelines fit any other religious setting also. 

This pamphlet has some really good information in it, see Reopening the Church.

There are some checklists and other cautions contained therein. 

Then, there is also this article that covers other aspects of reinstituting church services, 10 Easy-to-Overlook Aspects of Church Reopening.

It is a good reminder that churches meet in all different kinds of locations and situations. 

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