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Home Security System Comparison

Might be an infomercial? But ...

by Eric Holdeman / December 20, 2019

My wife is Mrs. Security when it comes to barbed wire and electrified fences around our neighborhood home. Just call me wary, this article might be an infomercial disguised as research, Best DIY Home Security Based on In-Depth Reviews.

The website looks OK, the people look sincere, etc., etc.

Basically they are singing the praises for the Ring Security Systems.

Which makes me suspect. Call me not only wary, but also cynical. Those Friends of Forestry groups established by loggers are the ones that confuse me. On the other hand ...

For the 32 years that we have owned our home, we have had a hardwired ADT monitored home system that protects all doors, windows and internal movement within the home. About five years ago, I looked into having a camera system installed. I choked on the $5,000 price tag. Move forward to 2018 and we ended up with lights and cameras all around our home, installed for around $1,200. I still have the ADT system since it has worked for us, but I do like the added security that comes with the cameras and the fact that when there is movement (often a neighborhood cat) I get a notification where I can look at the video of the movement. 

If I was going to add only one device, I do like the doorbell. Much better than looking through the peephole in the door. 

I did pay someone to install my system since they were replacing floodlights and I'm not up on ladders much anymore. One of my camera's/lights went bad, and I was able to get it replaced under warranty and installed the replacement on my own. 

This is my "consumer report" for 2019. No, I was not paid by Ring to write this ... but if they want to send me some money — I'll take it!

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