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How to Use a Generator Safely

Improperly used gasoline generators can kill!

I am always distressed when I hear of carbon monoxide deaths due to the improper use of a generator during a power outage.

From the Washington Post:

"Here’s what to know: Some people in Texas have been in the dark for at least 24 hours, and fatalities have been reported as people turn to unsafe methods, such as ovens and indoor generators, for heat. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blamed private companies for the outages, and said it was impossible to prepare 'for this type of event, because the last time we had this type of weather was more than 100 years ago. A tornado associated with the storm system that helped draw Arctic air to the south struck in North Carolina overnight, killing at least three and injuring 10. Wind chill watches and warnings stretch from the Dakotas to the Gulf Coast as the coldest morning of this Arctic outbreak hits. Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City all posted their lowest temperatures since at least 1989 Tuesday morning.'"

See this blog post from a few years back where in a five-minute video I explain how to safely hook up a portable generator: "Gasoline Generator Safety During Power Outages."

One unfortunate aspect of the storms sweeping the nation is the fact that those without power and likely looking for a gasoline generator cannot access this information. However, I'm providing it to you, for your use now or that of your loved ones in the future. 

Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.
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