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In the Beginning, There Were Masks, But Then — There Were No Masks

Imagine the number of books that will be written in the next four years.

by Eric Holdeman / October 3, 2020

Depending on your politics, you may be for or against wearing a mask. Science and the medical community are strongly for it, thus they must all be Democrats (?).

See this lengthy article from CNN that gives a bit of a blow-by-blow of the sequence of events at the White House and how the initial reaction was to "mask up" but then politics and image management became more important than precautions. There is much more in this article: "Not a 'good look': White House fight over masks signaled Covid-19 plans running awry."

I am hopeful that once we get through the "silly season" that we are in, there will be responsible leadership coming for the future.


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