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Insurance Companies Have Skin in the Game With Disasters

Protecting their members makes good financial sense.

Property losses have escalated through the years as disasters have become more prevalent and destructive. Insurance companies don’t want to absorb unnecessary property losses and they should also have the best interests of their clients in mind.

Here’s what USAA sent out to their members recently as a source of information. The Capstone Fire and Chloeta are things I have never heard about before.

“Wildfire season has arrived - are you and your family prepared? Because you live in an area where wildfires can occur, we want to help you protect your loved ones, your property, and your finances.

Tools to Help You Prepare

“Visit our Natural Disaster Preparation Site for wildfire preparedness checklists and tools to review your coverage like the Property Risk Assessment, Natural Disaster Coverage Review and Building Code Lookup Tool. These can help you discover if your property could be vulnerable to other natural disasters and what coverage you might need.

“If you have a homeowner or rental property policy in this same area, it includes our Wildfire Response Program.

“USAA enlists the help of Capstone Fire and Chloeta, an association of professional wildland firefighters, to help you protect your home if a wildfire occurs. These teams may visit your home proactively during a wildfire event on our behalf, no appointment required.

“To learn more about these teams and their services, visit the Wildfire Response Program FAQs.

“We hope that a wildfire never gets to your property, but if it does, we always stand ready to help.

“Thank you,
United Services Automobile Association”
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.