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Is Integrity a Really Important Trait for a Leader to Have?

Evidently it is in an oil spill!

by Eric Holdeman / October 13, 2020

How important is integrity? Personally, I see a direct connection to "trust" because without integrity, how will you ever obtain trust between people and organizations. 

See the snippet below from a 158-page report. Tom Cox shared the information below.

The Department of Homeland Security - United States Coast Guard

BP DEEPWATER HORIZON OIL SPILL Incident Specific Preparedness Review (ISPR) 


The Deepwater Horizon incident provided opportunities to observe crisis leadership at all levels of the response organization. These observations and information gathered during the Coast Deepwater Horizon ISPR Final Report 57 Guard’s Preparedness Review revealed characteristics of good crisis leadership displayed during the Deepwater Horizon incident. These include: 

Integrity: The ability to be both transparent and truthful in all actions. There are many occasions in which information released may not show the organization in a favorable light, and the temptation is to withhold or script information to avoid criticism. Once a leader’s integrity is attacked, that person’s value to the organization is severely diminished, and the leader should be removed from the response effort. The organization will find itself doing damage control, and any information released in the future will be suspect. 

The whole 158 page report is available at:    

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