It Is Not Your Mother's ESF-14, Disaster Recovery

ESF-14 has been re-purposed to be about cross-functional infrastructures.

by Eric Holdeman / June 20, 2019

Almost since the inception of the Federal Response Plan (FRP), ESF-14 has been about Disaster Recovery. Not anymore!

See this request for feedback, FEMA seeking stakeholders' feedback on updates to National Response Framework In this case, Emergency Support Function (ESF)-14.

I strongly suggest you read this document. One of the key players in the ESF-14 Cross-Sector Business and Infrastructure Annex, is CISA. Don't know what CISA is? Better look it up! Don't know anything about national critical functions? Another topic for you to become more familiar with. 

New administration? (I know, it is not that new) but it does take about 18 months for the new folks to get appointed and start rolling out their ideas to improve the system.


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