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Job: Emergency Management Program Coordinator, Redmond, Wash.

I am expecting more reductions in emergency management positions versus new positions.

The coronavirus will decimate many a government's revenues. Emergency management organizations will not be immune from budget cuts, so the number of new positions will likely decrease significantly. Additionally, I'm guessing there will be a hiring freeze in many places, so even if a position become vacant, cities and counties will be looking to reap those salary savings for the time being. 

See this new position below: 

Emergency Management Program Coordinator

Salary:  $67,680.00 - $87,984.00 Annually

Closing:  6/28/2020 11:59 PM Pacific

The Emergency Management Division for the City of Redmond WA is seeking a third team member. Our mission statement defines us, our partnerships are critical to our mission, and we believe that if we want to radically re-envision the field, we need to stop defending its history!

If you are considering submitting an application, show us that you love the field, believe firmly in evidence-based programming, and big ideas. Work independently on your projects and as comfortably as a team, then know how to collaborate with other city departments. Have confidence in the impact of public service both for the community and your career aspirations.

We need a combination of someone who can engage the whole community; design and implement social media and communication campaigns; research and write plans; and seek and manage grants; plus be able to present and train others on each of your roles!

Is there something else critical to the field of emergency management we have forgotten? If you are the person to introduce it to the team, your work ethic is strong, and you wag more and bark less, your application will rise to the top.

The following are some of the position responsibilities; please review the Fire Support Program Coordinator classification description for more detail.

Essential Duties:

  • Informs the community through the media on all noteworthy aspects of department operations to increase awareness of department issues and provide a basis for the delivery of service to foreground of public attention by performing public relations activities such as coordinating social media.
  • Designs training and exercises for the Emergency Coordination Center.
  • Researches and designs outreach materials for all community members with special emphasis on vulnerable populations, access and functional needs individuals, community members who speak English as an additional language.
  • Coordinates programs with other city departments and outside agencies.
  • Coordinates standard emergency management Plans.
  • Researches, writes and edits the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, Continuity of Operations Plan, and Incident Specific Annexes.

Knowledge of and Skills in:

  • Social media, public communications and community outreach principles and practices
  • Federal, state, and local laws and regulations related to specific emergency management programs
  • Program and/or event life cycle (assess, design, develop, implement, promote, maintain, evaluate, etc.)
  • Municipal budgetary principles and practices
  • Identifying, evaluating and reporting measures and methods related to programming or event
  • Appreciate how analytical measurement processes in Emergency Management can better-serve our community
  • Standard office practices, processes, procedures and business etiquette as defined by the organization's culture
  • Presentations and public speaking
Ability to:

  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing and to respond tactfully and diplomatically in emergency situations to a multi-cultural community
  • Interact effectively with a diverse and changing community
  • Creatively incorporate up-to-date research in the field of Emergency Management
  • Gather, organize and present ideas in a professional manner
  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships
  • Work in a collaborative, creative and progressive team environment in multiple capacities (as the lead or a team member)
  • Understand how updates and changes in guidelines, restrictions, regulations, and codes impact our programs
  • Love your work, strive to evolve the field, and elevate those around you

Education and Experience:

  • An Associate's degree, and
  • Two years of applicable experience, and
  • Two years of public relations experience with a public agency, or
  • Any combination of education and experience which provides the applicant with the desired skills, knowledge, and ability required to perform the job
  • Bachelor of Arts degree preferred
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.
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