You will not escape judgment day in Florida.

by Eric Holdeman / November 5, 2018

It is not unusual to find positions in logistics located in state emergency management agencies. They have become a common part of the full-time equivalent (FTE) count. If you are "into" logistics, you might be interested in the Florida State Logistics Chief's position with Florida Emergency Management.

I have to warn you though, Florida is in the hurricane bull's-eye and you will have to stand and deliver services in the coming years. Emergency Operation Centers (EOC) work to gain situational awareness, coordination information and fill logistics requests with state resources or by bucking the request up to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

Before you take the position, be sure:

  • They have experienced staff in place
  • The state has a functional logistics request and fulfillment system
  • Relationships are good up and down the chain

In a matter of a few months, six to 11, you could be in the heat of a hurricane response and recovery battle.