Kinetic Retaliatory Attack

Word games to show you "are cool."

by Eric Holdeman / January 8, 2020

I am a person who plays the word game, so when a new phrase or use of a word comes to the fore, I pay attention. I would point out that "unprecedented," which was my selection for Word of the Year for 2019, continues to hold strong in 2020.

The new "turn of phrase" is "kinetic retaliatory attack," which is being used for actions around the current Iranian crisis. Kinetic is not a new, made-up word, but it is being used now to indicate a physical action being taken as opposed to actions taken via diplomacy or even in the cyber world. 

Once a word becomes used publicly in a certain and very prominent way, others start to pick up on the word and they begin using it. Watch and see if you begin to read and hear the "kinetic attack" being used more frequently.

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