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Life After Vaccination — What Can You Do?

Sorry, there isn't total consensus on this subject.

(Sunday, Feb. 14)

Yesterday there were 2 million vaccinations in the United States. This is progress, but still, in Los Angeles their mass vaccination sites are shut down due to a lack of vaccines. 

The question many are asking — when you do get your vaccination, what can you do moving forward? Dine out, get on an airplane, hug the grandkids?  

These questions were put toward infection control experts. See their comments on the questions above and others in this NBC Nightly News broadcast. For the segment referenced, go to 13:10 minutes into the Evening News. 

No, there isn't unanimity across the board. The experts have different "expert opinions." 

Then there is this with Dr. Fauci holding forth on this CNN story: "Fully vaccinated people can skip Covid quarantines, CDC says."

Here's what the Holdemans are going to do once we have both our shots and are two weeks after the second dose, in order to have the maximum protection:

  • Flying on an airplane — nope! Hopefully in 2022 we can visit my sister in Atlanta. 
  • Wearing a mask — yes! Will continue to do so to protect others and to set a good example to the people we encounter.
  • Hugging the grandkids — maybe a quick one, but everyone has to be wearing a mask.
  • Eating out — not until there is a majority of the population where we live having been vaccinated. Outside in the summer? Inside maybe late next fall?
  • Going to any mass gatherings — nope. We will miss the Mariners' 2021 season. No visits to the stadium.
  • Seattle Flower Show, February 2022 — hopefully we will be able to attend, but still not counting on it. Crowded, indoors, etc. 
For now, we are projected to both have had two doses and the extra two weeks to give us full protection by mid-April. 

And, just now, my wife and I will be going up to my daughter's for "Pizza in the Garage" with the doors open next Saturday, the first time we will have seen them since Christmas Eve (which was, again, outside). 

Better to be safe than sorry!

Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.
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