Moral Decoupling

Why do people continue to support, sometimes enthusiastically a person or brand that does not reflect their moral standards?

by Eric Holdeman / July 6, 2019

The above question has been one that has vexed me for many months. In truth, most of my ruminations have been about President Trump, his sexual exploits, his general demeanor, his language and his actions toward women, people of lesser stature, institutions, countries, just about everyone, including himself.  "I am a well balanced genus" is a direct quote from Trump. Who could support someone who says that about himself?

Well, today I got the term for behavior that I've been looking for, "Moral Decoupling." The article is about brands, but everything applies to our President, especially since Trump has worked to establish himself as a brand. 

If you have been searching like me for understanding on this issue, here you have it. This does not apply to Republican elected officials. For them it is all about power, prestige and money. I suppose you could say they are "morally decoupled" which allows them to serve their self-interest rather than that of our nation. 

I also see a linkage between the the above and our current obsession with "personal opinion" over "facts" and equating them to be equal. Thus, truth has taken a beating. 

This moral decoupling is a different type of disaster, it is both personal, institutional and national in nature. 



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