National Health Security Preparedness Index (NHSPI)

How do you measure up? It includes emergency preparedness!

by Eric Holdeman / January 24, 2019

Not included in the title of the National Health Security Preparedness Index is the subject area that it does look at, which includes emergency preparedness

An interesting drill might include emergency managers sitting down with their public health, pre-hospital, hospital, and health-care coalition partners and drilling down to see how you as a jurisdiction and better yet, as a region measure up. 

There is a slew of measures to look at. It will have to be a rapid assessment with a strong facilitator driving the day-long assessment. There are actual numbers behind many assessments, but these are national aggregation of numbers. 

The "why do this?" is to cause a meaningful discussion of the interested players who are interconnected, even if they don't feel that connection day to day. I expect there might be some "a-ha's" along the way.

What brought this to mind is my participation today on a National Advisory Committee for reviewing new criteria that might be included and also, at this writing, what should be deleted because data sources have dried up. 

The "official release" of the 2019 Index will be in May 2019. This is your chance to get a head start.