National Healthcare Coalition Resource Center

This is a new endeavor to bring healthcare resources to bear in a more coordinated fashion.

by Eric Holdeman / March 19, 2013

The progression of coordination generally starts with one organization reaching out to others in their local community.  In reality this is what Healthcare Coalitions are being more deliberate about doing.  Then these can expand both in the types of organizations that are invited to participate and the geographical reach of the working partnership.  For the National Healthcare Coalition Resource Center they are reaching across states to band together.


Read an excerpt from their news release launching the endeavor:


Events like Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina have underscored the need for healthcare providers, emergency management and other response partners to be ready to work together to meet a community’s health and medical needs following a disaster. A new partnership launched this month will help healthcare coalitions – the organizations responsible for facilitating that coordination in communities nationwide – share ideas and resources to foster healthcare resilience.


The National Healthcare Coalition Resource Center (NHCRC) is a joint not-for-profit program that will provide technical assistance to emerging and established healthcare coalitions through various workshops, training opportunities, and its yearly National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference. NHCRC was founded by three leading regional healthcare coalitions: Indiana’s MESH Coalition, the Northern Virginia Hospital Alliance, and the Seattle-Tacoma area’s Northwest Healthcare Response Network.


NHCRC’s new website,, provides a platform for healthcare coalitions, healthcare organizations, public health, emergency medical services, emergency management and other professionals nationwide to discuss disaster preparedness, relief and recovery in real time. Via the site’s discussion forum, users will be able to swap best-practice training models, plans, tools and other resources. The site will also allow users access to information about upcoming events as well as materials and tools from other national preparedness events. 


Lydia Bristol shared this information.