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Nationally, What Are Your Chances of Experiencing a Power Outage?

Compare the states.

Power outages are pretty common and normally associated with severe weather. I was surprised that Kansas had as good a rating as they did.

Check out the following news release and then the link to a map of the United States:

Data analysts reveal the odds of experiencing a power outage today — according to your home state

A study by data analysts investigates which US states are most at risk to experience a blackout from the power grid.

  • Based on data from recent ten years, the District of Columbia is most likely to be affected by a power outage. The odds of experiencing a power blackout today is at 0.1%.
  • State residents most likely to be affected by power outages today live in Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Michigan and West Virginia.
  • The rise of severe extreme weather conditions due to climate change are the main cause of power outages in the US.

Seattle, Feb. 27, 2023 — The rise of extreme weather conditions due to climate change as well as run-down power grids are the leading causes for power outages all over the United States. In light of this data, analysts at have examined hundreds of data points on power blackouts over a period of ten years in 51 US federal states. The evaluation results in ‘the odds of experiencing a power outage today’ according to your home state.

The number that represents ‘the odds of experiencing a power outage’ gives citizens a good indication of how their home state network performs compared to neighboring states and a good idea of whether citizens should better prepare for the next blackout to come. Depending on the situation, losing power can become very dangerous. Especially the elderly and children are affected if the heating or cooling fails for too long. But even under normal conditions power outages are not only annoying but also affect the quality of life.

Map: The odds of experiencing a power outage today. Full results available at

District of Columbia is at greatest risk of a power outage today, followed by Maine and New Hampshire

Residents of Washington D.C. are particularly often affected by power outages as shown by an analysis of power outages over a period of ten years in the United States. The odds of a blackout in D.C. today is 0.1%.

The cause is relatively simple and has to do with the dense power supply systems and population of the city. In cases where power fails, a large number of people are affected simultaneously. On average 250,000 residents experience at least one power blackout a year with an average duration of around 49 minutes.

Maine’s and New Hampshire’s power grids suffer from extreme weather conditions during winter

Increasingly frequent snowfalls and ice storms are causing problems for Maine's and New Hampshire's power grids. Blackouts occur regularly during extreme weather conditions and so the state’s population has become one of the most likely states to suffer from the loss of electricity in the United States.

Nearly one third of the population of Maine experiences blackouts and problems with electricity at least once a year. The odds of experiencing a power outage in Maine today is 0.09%. Statistics show that residents experience power outages almost every day at some point. The average blackout is around 93 minutes until solved and power comes back.

In New Hampshire nearly three million people have lost power at some point in the years examined. The average blackout affects around 13,000 citizens and lasts about one hour and 57 minutes. Most recently, New Hampshire was hit by a power outage caused by a winter storm in January 2023. The power loss affected at least 100,000 people. The odds of a power blackout today is at 0.06%.

Kansas is at lowest risk of experiencing a power outage today

Power outages are very rare in the state of Kansas, statistics show. In fact, only 78,000 citizens in total have been affected by electricity outages. When they occur they are usually fixed within 41 minutes. The odds of a power outage today in Kansas today is at 0.0007%.

In total, the people of Kansas lost power for 969 minutes per year, recent data shows. In comparison, in California, the power went out for a total of more than 300,000 minutes at various locations.

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Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.