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New FEMA Software on Mobile Devices for Managing Seismic Risk

This is what I've been talking about!

There is a move to make our lives more effective by capturing the possibilities of mobile technology.  We see this everywhere in the consumer world.  How many ads do you see these days for laptop or desktop computers?  None on TV that I recall and it is only in print publications that I'm seeing them targeted at government organizations.


FEMA has caught the tail of this revolution and has launched Rapid Observation of Vulnerability and Estimation of Risk (ROVER) "automates two de facto international standard paper-based seismic safety screening procedures: FEMA P-154, Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) of Buildings for Potential Seismic Hazards, and ATC-20, Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings. ROVER’s pre-earthquake module is used by field inspectors to quickly compile an electronic inventory of buildings, record important seismic features of a building, and generate an automatic estimate of the need for detailed seismic evaluation. ROVER’s post-earthquake module is used to quickly perform and manage the safety tagging (red, yellow, and green tags) almost universally applied to buildings after earthquakes."


Here's the best part, "The ROVER Server is capable of operating as an online service for the ROVER smartphone client and also a web site for direct access by any web browser. The web site service has also been optimized for the small screens found on a smartphone or on any Internet-connected tablet."  That's right--mobile application!



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