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One Non-Expert's Examination of the Numbers for COVID-19

I'm not going to censor this, but thought about it ...

by Eric Holdeman / March 23, 2020

I do carefully think about the information I share here on this blog. The author of Evidence over hysteria — COVID-19, Aaron Ginn, points out that he is "a nobody." Which gave me pause about sharing the link above. [Editor's Note. The Medium link mentioned above no longer works. The author's name is provided so that readers can search and find the piece elsewhere on the Internet]

After all, the publication is not the New York Times or Washington Post. The other thing I know about numbers is that they can be misconstrued by even well-intentioned people, let alone someone looking to gain attention by offering a contrarian viewpoint. 

Note: The guy is not a virologist or pandemic expert!

With those caveats, read the article at your own risk! I would not take it the bank. Really, would you shut down entire countries, like South Korea and Italy ruining the economy of the nation because you misinterpreted the risk!

It may be that the above link gets added to the list you will find here, Misinformation, Disinformation Abound During COVID-19 Pandemic.

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