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Putting the Bell on the Trump COVID-19 Cat

I'm always wondering what the people standing behind him at the podium are thinking.

by Eric Holdeman / March 19, 2020

I picked this up from LinkedIn. It captures the thoughts of many professional emergency managers, of which Regina is one. She was referencing his most recent news conference. With FEMA being appointed to lead the federal COVID-19 effort the duty of walking behind President Trump with a scoop will fall to Pete Gaynor, FEMA administrator. (if you have ever been to a parade with horses)

#covid19 This does not help. The President is spreading fake news about a new drug for Covid-19, yet to be proved safe and effective, is now saying it was “approved or very close to approved.” Another, also not approved for #coronavirus, would be “available almost immediately,” in part because using it is “not going to kill anybody.” Then, minutes later, the commissioner of the #FoodandDrugAdministration, Stephen Hahn, took the dais in the #WhiteHouse briefing room and delicately walked back each one of Trump’s statements. Nothing about the #FDA’s deliberate process had changed, and no miracle medicine was a pen stroke away from solving the crisis.

We need leaders — all leaders — to be informed — tell the truth — follow the science. This will not help us. This is not a political issue — it is about human lives and all Americans hanging and working together.
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