Quote of the Week

Resiliency: "First is robustness, meaning a society continues to function during a disruption. Second is resourcefulness, which means managing the response to a disruption as it unfolds. Third is rapid recovery, or a society's ability to quickly get things back to normal after the disruption. Fourth is the ability to absorb new lessons learned from the disruption." Harwood I really like this particular quote, which is really a definition what resiliency might look like. Think about the key words, of robustness, resourcefulness, rapid (that would be the three R's) and then "absorb." This definition focuses not on standards and "command" but on planning, flexibility and learning. If anything we Americans don't do is learn from our disaster mistakes; the most common of those errors being to rebuild again and again in risky and hazardous areas. We can and should do better. Learning from our mistakes will help us with being more robust and will show our resourcefulness.