Quote: On Change or Become Irrelevant

Nothing is static any more. If you are not moving forward you are moving backward in the line.

by Eric Holdeman / December 13, 2012

“If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less.”  Eric Shineki  Dealing with change is a frequent item I comment on here in this blog and I just find this particular quote right on the mark. 


Change is happening so quickly that if you don’t keep up with it you will soon not be able to function in our modern society.  Take for instance social media.  It has only been about four years since I started blogging on the topic.  After a few short years I see it embedded in almost every facet of our lives.  Watch any television show, look at magazine ads, check the Internet sites and you will see the links to the various social media possibilities that are out there. 


Still I see many governments that are foot dragging on:


  • Social media implementation
  • Creating mobile versions of their Internets sites
  • Using video to distribute information
  • Issuing “smart phones” and tablets and to their staff


These organizations are being left in the dust by those who are not afraid of change and technology.  When you complain and point the finger at people who are uninformed about your function and mission, I say that you should check and you will see that there are three fingers pointed back at you.  


Who really is to blame?