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Seismic Neglect in Washington State

Knowing, studying and doing are all different things. Without the "Do" it all means little.

by Eric Holdeman / January 2, 2021

I included seismic risks in my 2021 risk projections because the hazard is "just hanging out there" waiting to rip. I'm thinking of all the COVID-19-related statements that will be applied to a really big seismic event. "Unprecedented" comes to mind, and "never imagined" is another. Trust me, all of the seismic risks have been imagined, but just not acted upon. 

I was reminded of all the above via this Seattle Times series of articles that were done about four years ago — to no avail. What's nice about this link, "Seismic Neglect," is that it puts all of them together in one place. 

The above is the type of information that elected officials and others would like to have purged from the Internet when the earth does rumble, and it will rumble in the future. That much I'm sure of! Much handwringing will commence, I expect hearings will be held, a commission will be established. Recommendations to address seismic weaknesses will be made and a few will be acted upon. Then, time and space from the disaster will commence and we will rapidly forget any lessons noted from the past. 

Then, the cycle will repeat itself. Other priorities will come to the fore and we'll be back where we are now. Call it human nature or neglect, it is the same process that will follow with the coronavirus pandemic once it is in the rear view mirror and people will be saying, "Our once in a hundred year event is behind us." 

Let these articles stand as "I told you so" markers for anyone who goes back to look at what we knew before the ground shook.

Matt Morrison shared the link above. 

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