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The Difference Between Global Warming and Climate Change

The terms "global warming" and "climate change" are often used interchangeably — which is incorrect!

by Eric Holdeman / December 22, 2019

In one of my political conversations with my nextdoor neighbor he clued me into the fact that I, like many in the media, have used the terms interchangeably — which is not the case. See this website, Global Warming vs. Climate Change

Global warming has to do with the actual temperature change — warming of the earth, and then climate change has to do with the changing weather patterns, e.g., Australian heat at the moment is feeding the wildfires there. 

A reminder, climate mitigation has to do with reducing the carbon footprint and climate adaptation has to do with "mitigating" the impacts of climate change. You can see how it can be confusing to the novice who is just giving passing interest to the two topics. 

Henceforth, I'll try to make sure I don't confuse the two again. 




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